by stoicinvestor

The Stoic Investor is an attempt to chronicle and share my journey from excessive consumerism to fledgling capitalist.  This journey began just over a year ago in December of 2010, ending what had been twenty years of a non-saving debt ridden lifestyle.

Many changes occurred throughout 2011 making it the best year of my financial life.  It would also be the year I began the journey towards becoming an investor.  I was fortunate to stumble across several personal finance and investing blogs that kept me focused and ignited my curiosity.  Perhaps it was the positive experience of interacting with those blogs that my own desire to create a blog was born.  The sharing of ideas between author and reader is a powerful occurrence that leave both with a better understanding of their own beliefs and experiences.

The topics contained here will deal with my development as an investor.  Personal finance, investment style and current economic events will also be considered as they arise.  I will cover my investment strategy and actual trades as well as covering the success and failures of choices made with the intent of learning from the actual experience of acting while having imperfect knowledge.  I don’t have all the answers.  My way is not the way merely a way.

I hope you will join the discussion when you have a thought that seems pertinent to the topic,  although I must confess that I will be the richer for this exchange.



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