Taking Advantage of The Roth IRA

If you read my article over at Seeking Alpha you will notice that several readers suggested I take advantage of various retirement accounts such as the 401k and IRA accounts.  You may remember that it wasn’t long ago I was asking the question, “Should I max my 401k?”  It seems the consensus was that if I could fund these accounts I should due to the favorable tax efficiency.  One reader has developed a nice analysis comparing the benefits of growth in a tax sheltered account versus a taxable one.   This model isn’t perfect (what is?), but it did open my eyes to how powerful forestalling the tax liabilities can be when you are growing your wealth.  So, I decided to open a Roth IRA.

To be fair I was planning to open a Roth IRA before I wrote the article and had the feedback.  It just so happened that my CPA emailed me with the amount I was eligible to fund for 2011: 3,860.  Not the full 5,000, but I will take it.  Right now the money is sitting in cash and eventually I will purchase a stock with the funds.  Many of the companies that I’m looking at are trading at prices that I’m not inclined to pay.  I’ll continue to invest in cash until favorable opportunities present themselves.

So, anyone else funding an IRA for 2011 or 2012?  If so what stocks or funds do you have in the account?

4 Reasons Dividend Investing Is So Appealing

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The Stoic Investor: From Humble Beginnings

If you have been visiting here frequently you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I came to this frugal living, investing lifestyle after a disastrous former life.  Steve at Money Infant has been kind enough to allow me to do my first guest post.  If  you’re curious to know a little more about how I arrived at where I’m at today read, Getting Back on Track After a Financial Train Wreck.  I’ll warn you ahead of time it’s not pretty, but it will give you a better perspective of what I went through to get where I’m at today.