March 2012: A Look In The Rear View Mirror

The first quarter of 2012 has come to an end.  Hard to believe really.  Seems like it was just yesterday we were celebrating the New Year.  The first quarter of 2012 has been a great one for The Stoic Investor, here are a few of the accomplishments so far this year.

  • Opened a Roth IRA
  • Average savings rate of 81% for the past three months
  • Investing In Cash was a success and I have 15k waiting to be invested
  • At the end of March I crossed the six figure mark for my net worth!

The last one is a nice psychological milestone.  I’ve mentioned before that my net worth was (-) 13,400 in February of last year.  I’m very happy to make this much progress in such a short amount of time.  Having paid off all of my debts last year I should be able to make even better progress over the next year.  It is motivating to see this improving.

I’m going to claim success for the first quarter.  So, what does the second quarter look like?  My income will come back down to normal levels for the rest of the year now that my “remote” assignment at work is finished.  The only big expense in Q2 is my annual leave.  Travel expenses tend to have a way of creeping when I go on leave.  It was actually one of my top three expenses for last year.  I’m going to try to give myself a budget and stick with it this year.  Q2 should be another good quarter on the financial front.  The biggest goal I’m going to work towards is getting my savings rate to an average of 85%.  That is my goal for the year and I think it is doable.  Wish me luck!!

How was your first quarter?  Any success stories or failures you would like to share?  I always enjoy hearing from you guys.  It is what makes blogging so much fun!

21 thoughts on “March 2012: A Look In The Rear View Mirror

  1. Congratulations, well done. I ended my quarter in the positive as well, added 1.5k euros to my savings and investments. For me that is a nice savings rate of 33% of my income.

    • IRF– Thank you. Just keep doing what you’re doing and passing the five figure mark will be one of many you pass.

      I would at least like to add another company or two to my holdings to better diversify my portfolio. Right now I’m just going to continue building the cash reserve. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like the idea of buying right now with the market on the rise like it is. True, there are a few companies that are fairly valued, but I’m still not eager to buy. I see no reason to be in a hurry.


  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: your savings rate is phenomenal. Really fantastic stuff. I’m glad to see the success you’re achieving.

    I’m also interested to see what you’re going to do with the $15k. That’s a big chunk of change right there. I’ll have about $3k to play with in April, so we’ll see what Mr. Market presents us!

    Best wishes!

    • Thank you very much DM.

      I might just be stubborn, but I’m waiting for the market to come to me not the other way around. Price of entry points is something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to these days.

  3. Sounds like your March and Q1 were pretty good! I am pretty impressed by your 81% average savings rate. I’m sure you can get it up to 85% by the end of the year! Congratulations on reaching $100k in net worth!!!!

    I have saved 70% (of my net pay) so far this year. My current forecasts show it being around 54% for the year, but I’m hoping to keep to last year’s 61% or better. (I know that sounds like I expect it to go down, but that’s just because of the timing of bonuses and the fact that I save 100% of the net bonuses.)

    • Thanks Leigh. Your savings rate is certainly something to be proud of! Where else can you go but the pf blogging community to be complimented on your savings rate? It’s great!

      I’m going to try to get mine even higher. Some may say I should loosen up a bit and enjoy myself. The thing is I am enjoying myself. I’ve spent the better part of my life spending and “enjoying myself.” I know what is down that road and I really don’t plan on going back. Besides, I’m having fun flexing my saving muscles these days! 🙂

  4. SI – I would say your saving muscles are getting a great workout! I’m always impressed by Dividend Mantra, and now you too. Way to go gentlemen! Congrats on your first quarter. Cheers to a great year ahead.

    • SFI– Glad to hear you had a successful Q1 as well. Wish you conitinued progress over the remainder of the year.

    • Congrats! I agree, it’s a nice psychological milestone to reach. Wish you the best while getting to the next one.

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