The Obligatory Update

Following a long line of blogger tradition I guess it is time I give you guys an update of what has been going on, assuming anyone still reads this.
Remember the posts where I talked about the joys of working overseas?  Well, all that stuff remains true, but I decided it was time to come home for a while.   I resigned my position back in late May.  I’ve been back in the states for the last two months doing nothing other than enjoying my summer and it has been wonderful!  Camping, hiking, rock climbing, wake boarding and spending time with family and friends has been a blessing I cherish daily.  I’m happy to have this opportunity to come home and adjust before diving into to my next gig whatever that may be.

I probably will not do as much writing until later this year, but I will try not to go so long between posts.  Thanks or understanding and truly hope everyone is enjoying their summer.
The Stoic

7 thoughts on “The Obligatory Update

  1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your summer. I’m with MSS, I’m working stiff as well! Hard to find time to “smell the roses”, if you will.

    Working overseas and making a ton of money is what put you in the position to be able to enjoy a long break. Well deserved. Enjoy it!

    Best wishes.

    • DM, I’m getting close to becoming a workings stiff again myself. 😦

      I have to say I was shocked to see you have not been blogging lately. Hope you are enjoying the summer though. Also hope to see you blogging again regularly. Enjoyed your stuff.

      The Stoic

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