Dividend Income Update

Since my return home there has not been much action within The Stoic’s portfolio.  Little capital has been added and few stock purchases have been made.  However, the portfolio has been doing  a great job in regards to one of its main objectives: generating income.  This post will look at the total sum produced year-to-date, as well as a monthly breakdown of which stocks contributed to the total.

Total dividends received as of August 31st 2012 is $1921.81.  This is an increase of approximately $700.00 for all of 2011.   The following are totals for each month:

January: 0

February: 399.50

March: 113.30

April: 0

May: 851.73 *

June: 132.28

July: 25.50

August: 399.50

Below is the contribution from each company to the total:

NYB: 802.50

T: 396.00

MCD: 99.40

SFL: 146.18

TEF: 452.23 *

NJR: 25.50

* As part of its shareholder remuneration TEF paid part of the dividend as cash and part as shares.  I received 17.75 shares of TEF in addition to the cash dividend.

With about 15% of my portfolios value sitting in cash and the cancellation of the remainder of TEF’s dividend for this year; I may not hit the lofty dividend goal I set for myself earlier this year.  Even if that is the case I will be doing much better than last years total and it’s interesting to watch the portfolio mature.  I’ll provide another dividend update at the close of the year.

6 thoughts on “Dividend Income Update

  1. It’s great to see you’ve received nearly $2,000 in dividend income with a few more months still to go in the year. I know of other bloggers who are sitting on some cash, including myself, so hopefully we get some good chances to invest it this fall.

    • Thanks for stopping by DGM. Yes, It doesn’t seem like a “buyers” market at the moment. I’ll take my time and see what happens. I’m sure there will be future events that frighten the markets and that may provide a correction that provides some opportunities to make a move on a few of the stocks I have on my watchlist.

      Take care.
      The Stoic

  2. Wow, that’s some serious dividends. You’re generating more dividends than I am with a smaller portfolio. Of course, you have some pretty high yielding stocks in there.

    Sorry about the TEF debacle. You know that I felt this was coming and that’s why I sold. In the end, however, this is really a great move by management. They need to clean up the balance sheet and ride out the storm with some cash. They’ll be able to pay out that monster dividend again in a year or two. TEF is certainly a deep value play here, but the balance sheet is still a bit scary for me. Certainly September has been very kind to TEF.

    Hopefully you are still enjoying the hell out of your summer.

    Best wishes!

    • DM,

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m happy with how the dividends are adding up this year. Last year was the first year of investing. I was laying the foundation for later on. This year I have been reaping the rewards from last years efforts.

      TEF, TEF, TEF…. I actually enjoy our commentary on TEF DM. You represent the selling side and I reprsent the buying. Makes for a nice balance. I have to hand it to you, you called it correctly on the dividend being canceled. I’m eight months in to my orignal plans for TEF and the honeymoon didn’t last long. If there is a silver lining to no longer getting the dividend it is perhaps, as you mentioned, that TEF’s managment is finally getting serious about getting their debt under control. I hope the upward trend in price continues.

      Don’t worry, I’m sucking every bit of pleasure I can get out of this summer 😉

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