Limit Orders

As I mentioned here I’ve been watching INTC for over a year now.  The last few weeks it has risen to the top of my list of potential buys.  I had decided that 22.50 would be the price I would be willing to buy.  Now the 22.50 is kind of arbitrary, other than the 4% yield on cost there is not much reason for insisting on 22.50 price point.  I think INTC is trading at a reasonable level.  I liking getting stocks at the lowest price possible.  This is usually not practical and I have yet to call a stock I have initiated a position at its bottom.  INTC hit 22.50 on Wed. and I missed it.  Blah…

Limit Orders 

Many of you have probably utilized limit orders for sale or buy purposes.  This week is the first time I’ve set one up.  Through a brokerage account it is not very hard to set up a limit order.  Select the stock you are wanting to purchase, enter limit order as your buy option, and enter the price you are wanting to pay.  Simple eh?  Yes it is.  I kick myself for not setting this up earlier.  Lesson learned.

Call it patience (sounds better) or just being stubborn (closer to the truth).  I will continue to wait for the price to come to me and not just settling for what the market gives me.  It may take another year.  That is ok, when it comes to investing and life in general I am in no rush 🙂

Have a great weekend guys and gals!

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