Thought For The Day…

October has been a busy month.  With starting a new job, researching some rental properties I have been considering buying, and buying/selling stocks there has not been much time for me to post updates here.   This morning I wanted to share something with you guys that I believe is timeless advice for anyone.

For the record, I don’t watch CNBC or any of the other useless information that passes for financial journalism these days.  However, while sitting down this morning with a cup of coffee and checking on some of my watch list stocks on Google finance I did come across this gem.  It’s from the Jedi master investment guru himself, Warren Buffett.  Take a minute and read what he had to say this morning.

Hmm…  Makes LO, MCD, NSC and a few others look even better from this perspective, would you not agree??


6 thoughts on “Thought For The Day…

  1. That’s some solid advice from Buffett. I am in the buy-and-monitor camp, so I will hold as long as the company continues to do well (or if I judge any problems to be temporary). I’m definitely not going to sell on the basis of a general news item about the U.S. economy, Eurozone issues, etc. I seem to remember reading other quotes from Buffett where he said he doesn’t let macro issues influence his investing decisions.

    • With all the negative “news” we get each day I think Buffett’s most valuable offering is perspective. The mans been investing since he was a kid and in that time he has seen his share of negative “news”. Inspite of events that would normally cause fear and inaction in people, he keeps on doing what he does best.

  2. Good advice. I watched an hour or so of the live coverage yesterday and was struck that Buffett is out looking for big acquisitions with his “elephant gun”. Imagine guessing which company he buys! But his advice is always good, nonetheless.

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