Examining Energy Usage

With the bull market of 2013 continuing its run I’ve found limited opportunities to invest the large cash position I currently have.  I’ve made one purchase this year and that was VOD.  I’m hoping to see a few more opportunities come about later this month, but until then I will do what I do best; wait.

With not much to discuss on the investment front I’ve been turning my eye to expenses and how to reduce the ones that don’t really increase my quality of life.  I’m ok with spending, but spending consciously is extremely important to me.  What I’ve become aware of in my own life is many expenses end up being a product of habit, a certain way of doing things that are reinforced with time.  In this post I’m going to discuss my habits of energy consumption and methods I am using or plan to use to decrease the costs associated with energy use.  I have two forms of energy I rely on currently:  electricity and gasoline. Continue reading