Really? Was That It?!

LOOK!  Did you see it?!  If you didn’t no one could blame you because it was really quick and not glaringly obvious.  That my friends may have been the correction many investors have been looking for.  I don’t know what you guys think, but my own take is that it was a pathetic excuse for a “correction”. Continue reading

The Adventure Begins

After closing on my first real estate investment last week I’ve been busy preparing for the rehab and getting basic services like electric, water, garbage, etc. and had some minor electrical work done to the house.  Speaking of electrical work while I was in the attic doing a closer inspection of the insulation needs I noticed that there was a lot of debris in various areas of the attic floor.  Apparently some type of furry rodent had at one time made this space his/her home (I’m thinking a racoon).  I’ve decided to remove all of the existing insulation from the attic as it is really in no condition to remain. Continue reading

Running The Numbers On My First Real Estate Investment

Now that the house is officially mine I guess it’s time to share with you guys the financial details and how I plan on making this investment work.  Before I begin I want to take a moment and recognize why real estate makes for a poor investment.  Obviously I think the house will make a good investment or I would have never liquidated my stock portfolio and made an offer on a house that need a lot of work.  However, it would be foolish of me not to consider the reasons that could reduce the likelihood of making money off my purchase.  This is a useful exercise and one I try to utilize in all aspects of my life. Continue reading

It’s Official!! The Stoic Enters Real Estate Investing

Tuesday afternoon I closed on the property I’ve been talking about over the past three weeks.  I’m super excited to get started on this project and will take you guys along for the journey as I tackle my first real estate investment.  There are a lot of unknowns to be sure.  I’m not so exited that I let my enthusiasm cloud the reality of just how much work lies ahead.  The project element of this endeavor is one of the things that makes it so appealing.  To some this would be a huge turn off, but for me it’s another positive part of the experience; at least that is how I feel now.  Ask me again in a year… Continue reading

Being A Part Of the One Percent: Part Two

In my last “one percent” post I discussed my decision to go without a television and the impact it had on my life.  This post will deal more with the income side of things, which is what we typically think of when we hear about the one percent these days.  There is a good chance that you and I fall into this one percent income group even if we have modest incomes, but remember, modest is relative. Continue reading