Recent Sell

Wow!  Looks like I’m going to start my first real estate investment soon.  My realtor called late in the afternoon and notified me of a closing date for next week.  I’m not going to lie, I’m really excited about this!  I think this is going to work out well and I’ve done enough homework to make me feel comfortable with the project I’ve decided to undertake.There is a lot of work to be done and honestly that is part of the appeal, I’m looking for a project, but if all goes well I should end up learning a lot of new skills and make a decent return on my investment in the process.

Before I even talked to the realtor I decided to liquidate another stock from my portfolio.  At this point I would rather have the cash on hand to start doing repairs than I would the possibility for gains or worse, losses.  Today I sold all of my shares of Intel (INTC) which makes me a little sad because I think Intel has a lot of potential going forward.  I’m happy with the gains that Intel has given me in he short amount of time I’ve held it.  I bought in the fall of last year when the shares were hammered for the downward revision in earnings that management made.  I’ve always believed that short-term challenges do not mean that a stock does not have potential; those are the times I’m looking to buy at a discount.  Here is how this trade turned out:


  • 100 @ 21.50= 2150.00
  • 50 @ 19.50= 975.00

Total= 3125.00


  • 150 @ 25.01 = 3751.50
  • Dividends: 90

Total= 3841.50

Nominal Return= 22.9%

Not bad for holding a little less than a year. Intel may go up from here but as I stated before having the cash is more important at this point.

Once I close on the house next week look for a post about the numbers for my first real estate investment.  It should turn out to be an interesting experience!

2 thoughts on “Recent Sell

  1. This real estate venture couldn’t have come at a better time with the markets as high as they are. I also think INTC has some great potential going forward. Luckily I have no need for my cash so I can let it ride for now.

    Best of luck with the house and I’ll be looking forward to updates.

    • PIP— I agree 100%! It is part of the reason I decided to go ahead and make the move. I’ve been thinking about real estate for awhile now and with the run up in the market and what I consider a good purchase price on this property, I felt now was the time.

      There was some talk that Q2 earnings might be down for Intel. If that happens there might be another round of good entry prices. I plan on funding the rest of my Roth this year and would love to add a few more shares of INTC to it…

      Have a great day!!

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