Real Estate Update: Week One

I’m counting last week as my first full week beginning the rehab of the property I bought a couple of weeks ago.  I’m not going to lie, this first week has not been a lot of fun.  I’ve spent most of my mornings and all weekend in the attic removing insulation and inspecting the electrical work.When I talked about the issues I found in the attic I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me before I could do any of the “fun” rehab work, like installing floors or redoing the bathroom.  As boring as it may be these are issues that have to be taken care of.  I’m not one to take short cuts when it comes to a project and rehabbing this house is not going to be the beginning of me changing that habit.

All of the insulation is now out of the attic.  I now know what wiring will need to be replaced and have decided to upgrade the panel box as well.  That is on the to do list this week.  Friday is when I’m having the doors and windows measured to put in an order for them.  Not a great deal of progress being made, but a lot of prep work that will lay the foundation for greater progress in the near future.


Fifteen 42 gallon bags full of insulation. 😦

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