I’ve Missed You Guys!!

Wow, this has been a long dormancy period even by my standards!  I’ve noticed that over the past two years the blog goes silent while I’m out enjoying summer, but this time I’ve went all summer as well as most of the winter without posting.   This blog desperately needs some consistency…

All has been well. The house didn’t suck the life out of me and has actually been progressing albeit at a leisurely pace.  So much I have learned from this one project not only about construction methods but about myself as well.

Remember that LOA I took back in the summer from my job to work on the house?   Well that never ended.   We will call my current situation as “voluntary unemployment.”  Yeah, that sounds good…

I will be making an effort to update you guys on how things have progressed with the real estate project in the coming weeks.  Here is a little taste of how things are shaping up.  More to come; promise 😉

The (absentee) Stoic


Living room before


And After 🙂

The first picture was taken from what is now the hallway.  To the left side is now a bedroom.  You can see the how the space was split in the third picture where the wall and new closet are now.  Instead of the old aluminum window there now exists a double window.  I wish I had taken a picture when this was being done as the wall was totally cut into.  To the sides of the window as well as above and below was all cut out to accommodate the new framing for the double window. Lets just say this whole living room got much worse before it got better!!

4 thoughts on “I’ve Missed You Guys!!

    • Leigh,

      Thank you!! I’m very happy with how this room turned out. The thing that took the longest and drove me crazy was drywall. The hanging isn’t bad, but finishing it sucks!!

      Unemployment is being financed through drawing down on savings. Luckily my expenses a very modest and I’m not drawing down at an accelerated rate. It isn’t sustainable however and soon I should start thinking of what I want to do….

      Have a great weekend!!

    • FIF… Thanks man! I really appreciate it! Everything in that room except for the exterior door and window installation was completed by myself. Ceiling fan, drywall, interior closet door, flooring, base board, crown molding and painting. Even framing the room addition (although I did have a friend come and verify everything was square). Considering I had performed none of those tasks previously I do have a lot of pride in how it turned out. 🙂

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