Part of the reason I haven’t been writing as much on this blog is my lack of vision for its direction.  When I started this project I was just beginning my climb out of the pit known as debt, saving money and learning to invest it.Having been successful in paying off close to 50k in debt as well as saving over 100k and then buying a home without the servitude otherwise known as a mortgage (can you sense my hostility to debt these days?) I find myself in the middle world of financial independence; no longer drowning in debt, high living expenses or the need for a steady  paycheck, but not having acquired the assets that would allow me to live off my investments.  The middle world is a great place to be, full of many choices I once never would have had…

A lot of my interests revolve around the concept of the art of living a good life.  Whether that be the economic foundations of a good life or how I’m trying to realign my dietary habits with nature it doesn’t all revolve around investing.  Since this was the original intent of why I started this blog I’m left wondering if I should start another blog or continue this one and let it unfold to encompass all of my interests and not just one of them.

If only the path was always this obvious

At first I was thinking of going with a new blog, but then I thought maybe this was just my mind wanting to continue to compartmentalize aspects of my life believing that this is how things work, but then I realized that I don’t want to compartmentalize; I want to integrate.  Obviously there will still be investing posts, but they will be mixed in with my philosophy of living as well.

I’m really curious what you guys have to say.  Stay here and let The Stoic Investor evolve as I continue the journey or start something new? 

7 thoughts on “Direction

  1. I’d vote to let this site evolve into whatever your desires evolve into.

    It’s a much richer experience and understanding of you as a person to have a varied, non-compartmentalized collection of stories/posts.

    • Thanks for commenting! That is the direction I’m leaning towards and although this blog has been a way for me to put my thoughts into words I’m not unaware that it has to have some value to the reader if I want to be able to interact with you guys, which I very much do.

      One vote for The Stoic Investor to continue to exist! 🙂

  2. I think too often we spend too much energy organizing to write instead of just writing. I would say to just keep writing here since it is the least barrier to entry and you already have some audience.

    Most financial blogs either evolve when their original purpose is solved, turn into sporadic posts, get sold, turn into multi author, etc. I vote for evolving personally. The name “The Stoic Investor” could also refer to investing in yourself, so I think you are good to go there 😉

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Leigh.

      I’ve noticed you haven’t posted much as of late either, but working 60+ hrs. will do that to a girl eh? Hope things slow down for you soon.

      Have a great weekend!

      • Yup my evenings have either been spent working or with my boyfriend. In January, posting was light more so because of the latter.

        My laptop is out for repairs and that’s taken a while. I used to write posts while watching TV, but now I just read stuff on my phone… Hopefully it comes back soon. I should have a new post up tomorrow though 🙂

  3. Go ahead integrating! Its much more interesting to get the whole story of someone who seems to be not only a stoic investor but brings many more stoic facets to his life. Maybe you´ll become “truly” stoic totally one time.

    Not that I am … would be nice, though …

    • Thanks for the feedback and support. I was leaning towards this direction to begin with and since some of you agree with the plan; integrate it is! 🙂

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