Spring Cometh

What an amazing day! An abundance of sunshine, soothing breeze and temps that topped out at 72 degrees.  You couldn’t ask for a much better day; doing so would just make you greedy.  Spring is very much in the air.  Kids were out riding their bikes, people of all ages were out walking, motorcycles were claiming their place on the road again and the smell of a spring that has for months lied dormant now permeates the air.  What a wonderful changing of the guard that mother nature performs for us when changing seasons and with Day Light Saving Time just passing, it seems we have more day to enjoy the display.

A rare sighting of The Stoic 🙂

However, I didn’t need March 9th to tell me the days were growing longer.  No, I’ve carefully observed the coming of spring for the last several weeks.  The birds that sing outside my window in the mornings, the blossoming of the maple trees in my yard, the slow arc northward of the sun after its sojourn to the south for winter are all signs that change is coming.  You see the benefit of (f)unemployment is having some time to be idle and do nothing but practice the art of being.  This is great practice for the day when I no longer have to work to sustain my needs.  With a large amount of time no longer shackled to the hours devoted to work it is easy for a mind that leans towards boredom to become, well bored.   But if you can cultivate the art of being as well as being content with idleness then you will observe a world often ignored with the coming and going of modern life.

What a shame it would be to live a life well by the standards of society and yet have lived so poorly by the standards of life itself.  There is much beauty all around you; don’t forget to take in the moments while you’re here.

The Stoic



5 thoughts on “Spring Cometh

  1. Looking quite fit there my friend! I guess an indirect benefit of all the rehab work you do is the good exercise.

    Gotta love this time of year. It’s just starting to heat up where I am, and the longer days are much welcomed.

    Funemployed… My good buddy used to say that after he decided to take a year all. I can’t wait until I’m funemployed! 🙂

    • Thanks FIF! With MMM sporting a photo of him and his nail gun I had to show the blogosphere The Stoic has an aura of Badassity all his own! 😉

      I think you will enjoy it when you get to funemployment/FI. I’m looking forward to seeing how many of the bloggers who are working towards FI make the transition once they arrive.

      Glad to hear you taking advantage of the warmer and longer days.


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