How To Change Your Financial Life

***If the title leads you to believe that this is going to be a laundry list of “how-to” items that when simply followed will lead you to a better financial life you will likely be terribly disappointed. ūüė¶¬† There are numerous such articles across the web that can do a far better job¬†of¬†providing that information than I can.¬† Instead I’m wanting to look at the “why” that leads us to follow the how-to.¬†¬†The how-to is not complex, but human behavior is and often rejects any attempt at altering¬†a well-worn behavior (habit).¬† Understanding¬†the “why”¬†behind¬†a¬†desired change is critical.¬† Hope you enjoy.***¬† Continue reading

My Experience With Purchasing A HUD Foreclosure

I think one of the intimidating factors about real estate investing is all the moving parts involved in making it happen.¬† Dividend investing¬†is by no means been easy, but it’s a much more stream lined process compared to real estate.¬† With stock investing you do most of your research sitting in your pajamas with real estate¬† you’re¬†dealing with multiple people as well as their schedules and I’m sure it is no surprise that people have varying degrees of time management skills.¬† Continue reading