Sell In May And…

There has been a lot of activity in The Stoic Portfolio for the month of May and before I get too far behind I thought it a good idea to get caught up on my investing activity.  I’ve been fairly dormant this year in regards to investing in stocks due to the ongoing bull market of 2013.  Vodafone (VOD) is the only purchase until now. Continue reading

A Week of Possible Opportunities

Although my writing lately has been dealing with expenses and other non-investing subjects don’t think that I have abandoned my interest in investing.  I still follow the markets daily and continue to search for new companies I would like to add to The Stoic Portfolio. Continue reading

Recent Buy

Things have been quiet on the buy side of investing for The Stoic.  My last purchase was back in November and since then there have not been many opportunities to put cash to work.  Don’t get me wrong, its nice to watch the balance in my brokerage account trending up, but it comes with a cost; higher priced stocks.  So I’ve been patiently waiting for the time when the market goes the other direction.  Anyone who has read this blog for any length of times knows that I like to do my buying when stocks are on sale.  It is a habit I learned early on and one I have not been able to shake.  For now I have been happy investing in cash waiting for the right time to pick up a few shares of stocks on my watch list.  Today I was presented with such an opportunity…

Vodafone (VOD)

I’ve been watching VOD for well over a year now.  I was upset for not picking up shares when the price dropped to just over 25 back in November.  VOD has seen its share price decline in recent weeks and today I opened a position in the large international telecom.  I picked up 115 shares at 24.68 with a yield of 6%, based on the 2012 dividend.  Although I can’t predict which direction the VOD share price is heading next, I’m comfortable with adding a new stock to my portfolio at these prices.  If share price drops more or I see a bottom forming at the current price I’m likely to add more shares in the future.

If you want to know more about VOD I recommend checking out Dividend Growth Machine who was also a buyer at today’s prices.  Check out his site and his reasons for buying VOD and let me know what you think.

Confessons Of A Reluctant Market Timer

As we turned the corner to a new year just a few short weeks ago I have to admit to feeling a twinge of disappointment at its outset because of the outcome of the great “Fiscal Cliff”. You see I had been patiently waiting for what I thought would be a cliff dive and had my mouth almost watering at the prospect of all the stocks on my watch list that were going to be on sale due to the correction the market would go through as investors of all stripes adapted to the changes. Alas, it was not to be and I would have to continue my wait. No worries, there is always a storm on the horizon, you just never know when and where it is going to hit… Continue reading

My Attmept at Buying Low and Selling High

A recent article titled, “Optimizing Returns By Selling Overvalued Companies” has posted over at Seeking Alpha.

This article outlines what I did with the proceeds from my AT&T sell last fall.   The next article will  take a look at what I’m going to do with the proceeds from the loss I took on TEF and SFL.  That should be a fun one to write.  Nothing like trying to make up a $1700.00 loss. 🙂

Look forward to hearing your comments.