The Importance of Being Present in Our Lives

Read through a sampling of posts on this blog for the past couple of years and one thing you will likely notice, in my more reflective posts, is my commune with nature.  Whether I’m looking out my window at the squirrels or birds, watching a sunrise, or meandering through the woods, nature is a harbor in which my soul finds peace. Continue reading

Changing Your Life By Working Abroad: Returning Home

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place we can go as we are and not be questioned.” Maya Angelou

Earlier in the year I shared with you guys some of the reasons that working overseas can prove beneficial.  You can find them here and here.  In those posts I focused on the financial and quality of life issues respectively.  This post will act as a conclusion to that series and will take a look at some of the benefits I have enjoyed since returning home just over five months ago. Continue reading

October: A Look Ahead

Hard to believe it is October already.  Wow, I’ve been back just over four months.  I love this time of year.  The smell, the colors, the change in the way the sun shines.  Small changes in nature that when you stop to recognize remind you that it is really cool to be alive.  Yes, cool indeed…

It is looking like I will finally be employed once again.  My four-month break has been nice and I can tell you that when it comes time to retire I will have no problem with it.  I have mixed feelings on going back to work.  I enjoy being off and having my time to do what I want; it’s really nice.  On the other hand I’m drawing down on my savings and that is not good.  So I’m excited to begin adding to my savings once again.

I’m also looking at real estate once again.  When I mentioned this before here  many of you thought it would be a bad idea while overseas, an objection that was certainly valid.  Now that I’m back I’m thinking of purchasing a duplex or fourplex.  This would allow me to reduce my living expenses by living in one side and start a side income by renting the other.  The ones I’m looking at would be cash deals and are in need of rehab.  It would certainly require me to learn a new set of skill, but a challenge I’m up for.  If it goes through I will be sure to include the project in this blog from start to finish and even include some pictures for your viewing enjoyment. 😉

October has the potential to be a really exciting months.  I’m looking forward to it!

Changing Your Life By Working Abroad: The Fun Stuff

As I mentioned in the first post of this series: Changing Your Life By Working Abroad: The Financial Benefits, there are some challenges associated with being away from home.  Last year was really the first year that I began to “settle” since my divorce in early 2009.  With this settling came the reality of living day-to-day life without all the excitement that comes with constantly being on the move.  When I was in Afghanistan my life was lived out of a small backpack.  I was constantly moving from camp to camp and learning new things, never a chance to get bored or reflect on the life altering event I had survived.  Anyone who as lived through a divorce and the financial peril that comes with it can tell you what an uprooting, heart wrenching experience it is.  2011 was the year things calmed down. Continue reading