My Evolving Relationship With Waste

How often do you think of your garbage?  If you’re anything like I once was, probably only once a week when it needs to taken to the curb for pick up.  Waste management, as it applies to a household, is an important topic that often gets overlooked.  Today I want to share with you ways in which I’m trying to reduce my waste generation and why I think it’s important. Continue reading

Being A Part of The One Percent: Part One

This may come to as shock to many of you, but The Stoic is part of the one percent.   Sure we hear a lot about this group and in recent years they have been outright demonized.   I’m sure to many we are indeed a misunderstood group.  Being a member of this exclusive club has substantially benefited my life.   I live a much richer and stimulating existence and find myself surrounded by some the greatest minds that have ever lived.  I’m truly blessed. Continue reading

The Stoic Investor: From Humble Beginnings

If you have been visiting here frequently you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I came to this frugal living, investing lifestyle after a disastrous former life.  Steve at Money Infant has been kind enough to allow me to do my first guest post.  If  you’re curious to know a little more about how I arrived at where I’m at today read, Getting Back on Track After a Financial Train Wreck.  I’ll warn you ahead of time it’s not pretty, but it will give you a better perspective of what I went through to get where I’m at today.