The Stoic’s Spending Revealed: February Edition

Reporting my expenses here has definitely helped bring more consistency in tracking my expenses.  As I mentioned before, I slacked off a bit last year in tracking personal expenses when I started working for myself in the summer of last year.  The goal wasn’t so much about setting out to change my spending habits, although I would love to see my “food” expenses reduced, but to have hard numbers based on the way I live so that I can properly plan for how to cover those expenses when I no longer have to work. Continue reading

The Stoic’s Spending Revealed! January Edition


January makes three months that I’ve consistently tracked my expenses.  I relaxed for awhile and wasn’t tracking as religiously as I had been for most of last year.  This is mostly due to having a good “feel” for where the money is going and knowing that I’m not spending large sums in any one area. Continue reading