The Stoic’s Spending Revealed! December Edition

Last month I reported my expenses for the first time on this blog and true to my word I’ve decided to report them again this month.  I think I see why I became a little lazy in tracking my personal expenses; there isn’t much change from month to month. Continue reading

Why I Love Self-Employment

For the past six months I’ve been self-employed and although there has been a bit of a learning curve I have to confess to loving it!  I’m not going to get into specifics or the financial benefits of self-employment.  No, today I just want to share what I love about it. Continue reading

Why I Fired My Bank

Recently, after doing business with a large, well-known financial institution for several years, I decided to end our relationship.  One of us wasn’t living up to the others expectations.  So, after ten years of banking at the same place I decided to move my accounts elsewhere.  To fully understand my decision, I need to give you a little background. Continue reading