Exterior Improvements

One of the very first projects that I started on the renovation was the replacement of the windows and doors along with covering the front part of the house and storage building in the back of the house with a vinyl siding.  All of the wood trim around the roof and gable vents was covered in aluminum trim that not only looks better, but is maintenance free; unlike wood which would need to be painted occasionally to counter act the damage done by weathering. Continue reading

Real Estate Update: Week Four

FINALLY!!  I now have power!  Happy dance everyone!!  This took a lot longer than I was anticipating as well as more cash, but the inspection was completed last Wednesday and the power was turned on Friday.  I was really hoping to know for sure if the power was going to be on Friday because my dad and his friend, who is a contractor and the one who is helping me install new windows and doors, were going to come up and spend two days helping me.  Alas, it didn’t work out that way but I’m still happy the power is on. Continue reading