The Benefits of Occasionally Denying Your Wants

You and I are a probably different in many ways.  We could list all the differences we have, but the same could be said for similarities.  Since the root of all understanding of difference comes from sharing similarities first, let’s start there.  As a child I bet we shared one very common experience; parents who were always telling us “no”. Continue reading

The Stoic’s Spending Revealed! December Edition

Last month I reported my expenses for the first time on this blog and true to my word I’ve decided to report them again this month.  I think I see why I became a little lazy in tracking my personal expenses; there isn’t much change from month to month. Continue reading

My Evolving Relationship With Waste

How often do you think of your garbage?  If you’re anything like I once was, probably only once a week when it needs to taken to the curb for pick up.  Waste management, as it applies to a household, is an important topic that often gets overlooked.  Today I want to share with you ways in which I’m trying to reduce my waste generation and why I think it’s important. Continue reading