This Is What Systemic Risk Feels Like

Chaos, plummet, turmoil, crash, Black Monday.  These are just a few interesting words I picked out of todays financial headlines.   “Wow!”, I can hear you exclaim, “It must have been a really rough day!”  My response; “It sure was.  That 3.5 percent drop was gut-wrenching!” (insert sarcastic tone here)  Continue reading

Why I’m Not Investing In Today’s Stock Market

It was the end of 2010 when I first started investing.  The world was still coming to grips with the fact that the shit had indeed hit the fan!  At that time there was a lot of panic spreading and it was hard for some to ignore the noise.  People weren’t talking about Dow 18,000 they were scared of the Dow 5,000! Continue reading